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The Pretty Powerful
4 Week

Planning For Success Programme 


 The Planning for success programme is about support, motivation and making change.  


The 'Planning for Success programme is delivered in weekly emails where you will be set tasks to work through to support your goals. 

This programme is a 4 week guided process that takes you through the following steps:

Week One – The Beginning of Forever - change starts here!

Week Two - Nutrition - Getting real about food

Week Three – Hormones and The female body

Week Four – Planning for success

All for £14.99

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  • Planning for Success

    Membership & Planning for success Program

See what our members think

I would definitely recommend the pretty powerful plan, especially for those who want to learn more about their bodies and nutrition.


I’ve really loved being a part of the group. You guys are awesome and you can see the passion and care in everything you say and do.


- Rhiannon

I’ve been following the plan for 4 weeks now and I already feel fitter, healthier and happier.


It’s not just your standard fitness plan, it’s a plan that brings together food, fitness, mindset and friendships. And I have loved every second of it! Emma and Bec are so passionate, kind and willing to help.


I couldn’t recommend this plan enough.

- Clare

I have loved being part of the plan, it’s been such a lovely inclusive group and felt really safe to share.

I think the plan is perfect for getting started, anything more and I’d have struggled to keep up or focus.

- Tess

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