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The Pretty Powerful brand was born from two mums, having a coffee and putting the worlds to rights about the state of the diet industry. Together, we have over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry covering movement, nutrition, life coaching, female health and pre and post natal.  We know that life isn't easy when you are trying to juggle in family, work, social life and all the curve balls that get thrown at us so why are we made to feel like we should be flying when a lot of us are just about keeping it together.... and all while trying to follow the perfect diet, lifestyle and work out 57 times a week!? 

Pretty Powerful is about being REAL. It is about knowledge and finding ways to make self-care easy. We cannot take away all the other factors in life, but we can give you the skill set to be able to look after yourself better, increase your energy, reach your goals with easy structured steps and remember the stuff that is important to you.

Our biggest goal is to build a supportive, safe community of empowered women who understand themselves and are achieving everything they have been putting on the back burner!



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Meet The Coaches


Emma Cuadrado


Emma's passion is to help individuals move and understand their bodies to live strong lives mentally and physically.


After graduating from Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Emma took time out to have her children. Whilst on maternity leave, Emma launched a fitness business ‘My focus was to help others move their bodies, support their mental health to help them feel stronger inside and out ​

Emma is a qualified Barre concept teacher, Qualified in Pre and Post Natal fitness and 3rd Age Peri and Post Menopause Specialised Wellness Coach


Rebecca D'Alton Goode

Rebecca has been a coach for over 15 years. A trained Life Coach, Personal Trainer and Nutritional Therapist whose approach to health and fitness is incredibly holistic; you cannot have a healthy body without a healthy mind. Rebecca is also a Master Practitioner for Obesity and Eating Disorders as well as a Pilates and Yoga teacher.


The most important thing in this life is that you feel valued for who you are. Rebecca helps people rediscover the value they have while unpacking what is holding them back. "The mind and body coexist to create everything you are and everything you can be. The only thing between right now and those goals is the accountability and game plan to get there".




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